Convenient Height + Convenient Size = 20 inch Toilet Bowl Height

Toilet original manufacturers’ convenient height + convenient size

  • Toilet bowl height innovation helps with knee, hip, back, mobility
  • Helps establishing toilets for post-surgery recovery
  • Fit for aging in place and improvising house accessibility
  • Suitable with physical therapy guidelines
  • Balanced design flawlessly works with all sort home interiors
  • Toilets Designed and tested in Massachusetts

20 toilet bowl height

About the Talltoilet

To some, a bathroom is a bathroom. To you, and to us, it’s an opportunity to improve a room used daily, to carry its feel and functionality, and brighten everyday life.

Our common products are categorized as convenient height toilets and convenient size toilets. 20 inch toilet height is our flagship category, and very not too long we began engaged on a newly created product category named Convenient Size.

Enhancing a simple bathroom into an extraordinary one is a primary fact of making improvements to a quality of life at home. By choosing an extra tall toilet bowl Height is a possibility to convert one of the very important parts of your house to match your altering requirements. In spite of everything, your bathroom is where which you can relax, refresh and revitalize, and the place where your daily work starts and ends.

We warmly welcome you and your family in helping us by writing us the story of our Talltoilet products.

Talltoilet produces a 20 inch bathroom bowl which is taller than ADA specifications and our toilet bowl height beats Kohler, American usual, Mansfield or Toto toilets.

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